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I am completely enthralled by this stone

Hi! Have you ever found a rock that you just couldn't put down? Well I have. It is a long story how this rock and I found each other. Someone else may have actually thrown it by the wayside, but I did not. I did not see the color at first, and when I did I screamed. I ignorantly (for only a few seconds) thought I might have found a black opal. I have had one person (an employee where I found the stone) tell me what she thought it was, and show me a polished cab of supposedly the same stone in her necklace, along with an offer to for a small fee to do have the same done with my raw material. And two hours later I had another "lapidary artist" at a different location tell me there was no such rock, and that my stone was something completely differnt. After getting home and googling and researching for days!!! I think I know what I have. If you have an opinion on what this stone is I would love to hear it. If you have had experience with making cabs from this raw material I would definitely be interested for advice. I am scared to let anyone polish it down since I don't want to lose that incredible blue color, in fact I want a way to make it more obvious. And yes it only flashes blue, not multi colored. My 5 year old son hypothesised that millions of years ago someone cut the rock open and planted a blue light bulb inside that would only turn on when the rock is held a certain way. Then they glued it back together so that we could find it oh so many years later.
I have posted three picture of the stone. one to show the color, one to show the shape, and one to show the look/sheen of the stone that some might mistake for random quartz.

From Mel Caruso - August 09, 2008 at 09:16:02

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