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Posted in response to Re: Re: Re: Re: Scratching Laps from Carter Arnold on July 24, 2008 at 08:13:48:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Scratching Laps

Hey Carter,

Good deal, gratifying to hear that cleaning your laps with WD-40 solved the problem.

Crank up that water flow from the drip tank when you are cutting to help flush as much swarf off the lap as possible. Periodic cleaning with WD-40 and a brass brush has gone a long way towards keeping my laps cutting properly. I like to cut big quartzes which seems to be particularly hard on laps and big stones = big swarf.

Contamination from one source or another is an ever present problem waiting to happen, this becomes an even more critical issue when polishing with diamond borts in the 8k-200k range. Plastic bags can help with storage, just be sure they are clearly marked as to bort size. I know some faceters who color code their laps and storage containers so as to make ID more positive. Developing good habits regarding the handling and storing of your laps, and how you handle and clean the stone and your machine does help.

In spite of your best efforts it seems like a contamination problem is inevitable sooner or later. If a contaminating chip of diamond or other hard material like corundum does become embedded in the metal surface of a cutting lap and cleaning the lap does not remove it, you can try isolating the area where it is by watching to see where the scratch is generated and marking a ring on the lap where that is with a magic marker, then inspecting with a 10X or stronger magnification. If you can find the errant chip you may be able to surgically remove it with a knife point or razor blade...

Keep on rock'n and may all your scratches be little ones... :)

From Bob Keller - July 24, 2008 at 09:43:27

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