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8x8inch Milky Quartz with cavity of clear crystals

Hi All,

On one of my adventures I found some very large pure white milky quartz very shiny, with cavities. I opened one of the pieces I found by a river and the inside was filled with small clear and milky crystals. The stone itself was very shiny inside with no imperfections almost like white glass. My question is I found alot of orange powder inside the cavity as well. Any idea what the orange powder is?

On another question I found at another local an almost perfect clear transparent black shiny rock that looked like glass almost, that when I hold it up to the light it is almost a transparent dark olive green, however, unless I hold it up to a light it looks like a black a piece of black glassy stone. It also has sticking out of a corner a small yellow crystal that catches the light and sparkles almost like a diamond. I am in Western Washington, in the US.

Any information anybody can provide on these specimins will be appreciated.



From Aaron - June 23, 2008 at 08:15:13

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