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Charcoal look a like rock?

I've submitted a few pictures of a "rock" that I found today while looking for sharks teeth. I picked this thing out of the edge of the ocean near Vero Beach, Florida. I didn't pay too much attention to it at first. In fact, I originally thought it was a piece of charcoal but it was much heavier and solid. I carried around with me using it to break other pieces of coral encrusted things off of rocks in search for treasure (I'm a little silly) until I chipped a piece of the rock from the main portion. It took quite a strong whack to before it broke.

After that I took a good look at it and I couldn't determine what it is. The rock looks to either be man made or it was shaped for some kind of purpose. It looks kind of like a charcoal briquette but one side is convex and the other is slightly concave. Looking at it from the top it looks as if it's almost a perfect square but when looking from the side you can see the convex shape. The "rock" is about 1.375" square (from the top) and about .75 high. Measurements are not exact.

The 1st picture shows the rock from the top.
The 2nd picture shows the rock from the side.
The 3rd picture shoes where a little piece broke off of the bottom.

One interesting piece of information about this rock is that it's very porous. I put a little drop of water on the top and it soaked in to the rock within a couple seconds. You could tell the top was wet when I put the drop of water on it but after a couple seconds it looks completely dry again.

I really think it's man made but I don't know. Does anyone have an idea of what it is?


From John Tinsley - June 13, 2008 at 08:09:22

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