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Posted in response to 18 from Jack on May 30, 2008 at 09:04:21:

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I don't think so. Higher RPM would cause excessive wear and damage to the blade. The saws and blades are designed to work at a specific RPM. Exceed that and you'll ruin the material or your equipment. of course, if you're fluch with cash and can afford new blades all the time. Cool.

Another thing you might look at is the quality of your blade. Did you buy a cheap blade or invest in a good one that will do a better job and last longer? Makes a HUGE difference. Buy the best you can afford. Cheap blades can wear out in a year. Top of the line blades can last years... We had one on our gravity saw that lasted 20 years ($200+ in todays dollars). It was an expensive top line blade. We bought a cheap replacement ($60) when it finally wore out (due to newby's not knowing how to use the saw and forcing it to go faster) and it was shot within a year. We went back to the expensive one and training before anyone could use the saw. No weights, no added pressure, no bumping up the RPM's.

It's a gravity fed saw.... and you're used to it cutting obsidian relatively fast. You're going to have to get used to the fact that cutting harder materials like flint, petrified wood, agates, etc will all take considerably longer and adjust your usage accordingly. And if you're cutting jade, be prepared for a loooong cutting time.

Let the machine work the way it was intended or buy a motor driven screw drive unit instead. The easy way to "clean" a blade that has become clogged is to simply cut a small agate. It will flush out the flotsam and jetsome. Make sure your blade is getting enough lubrication on BOTH sides - pull the tubing and turn on just the pump to check flow..... check the lines for clogging, the pump intake for buildup, etc.

Keep your sump cleaner, more often. use a simple filter basket around your pump intake.

Just my 2�


From Phil - June 02, 2008 at 07:58:13

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