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need help identifying

I have a littleblack pebble which I cannot identify.

-It is harder than 5.5 but is scratched by steel 6.5.

-smooth matte luster, black, opaque

-tiny holes

-is slightly magnetic (repels both north and south poles of a magnet)

-density (approx) of 2-2.5 g/cm2

-it has very slight gold scratches on it. I thought it might be a yellow glass bead that is covered in black something. If you can imagine a yellow glass bead that was dipped in tar but some tiny specks of gold showing through where the tar is worn off. I guess it looks like it goes goldish is scratched, like if you were to lightly draw a pencil across the surface but the mark is goldish rather than silvery like a pencil. I tried to polish it but it made no difference.

-left no streak

-there is a faint seam or striation but it is the same colour on both sides. It could be a little crack.

I hope this is somewhat clear! Thanks for any leads :-)

From Janice - May 27, 2008 at 12:10:39

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