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Saw Information

Hi Folks,
I might be looking for a needle in a haystack but I would like to find any information that can be shared on a slab saw that I acquired a few months ago. I saw an advertisement on Craig�s List for �Grandpa�s Old Rock Stuff� so I called and made arrangements to go and look at this stuff. When I got there I just about fell over, this guy was getting rid of a bunch of old equipment and he asked me if I would be interested in all of it. I asked him what he had to have for it and he said he just wanted it out of the way and would I give him $250.00 for all of it. Well I have a � ton Ford pick up truck and I filled it up, in fact I even left a few tables behind that would not fit in the truck. In this truckload I got 2 Lortone 12 LB tumblers with motors 1 Lortone 8� trim saw mounted on a steel table with under mount motor and a high mounted swing arm lamp over the table, 2 old Craftsman horizontal 8� combination machines � grinding wheels and blades, a 10� Highland Park slab saw with power feed and a 14� Highland Park Slab Saw, several motors 1/4hp 1/3hp 1/2hp 1hp, a couple of new 6� expandable sanding drums & a load of belts and the list goes on.

I completely rebuilt the 10� Highland Park slab saw, bearings, belts, blade, feed screw, motor, wiring and paint and gave it to my Son & Grandson.
Now I am ready to start rebuilding the 14� Highland Park Slab Saw. I contacted Diamond Pacific who holds some of the rights to Highland Park equipment and asked them if the could furnish me with any information on this Highland Park Model M4 14� slab saw. They sent me an assembly drawing, parts list and general operating instructions for a 16� saw. I called them back and they stated that that was all the information that they had and stated that the 14� and 16� saws were ALMOST alike. Well almost is somewhat different from the 14� Model M4 that I have setting in the shop.

So the question becomes dose anyone out there have any drawings, parts lists, or operating instructions on the Model M4 14� saw that could be shared. It�s not that I need them to put this saw in operating condition but I would like to rebuild it as near as possible to its original configuration.

Thanks in advance

From Ron Thiel - April 11, 2008 at 10:16:11

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Bob Keller