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Polishing Sonora Sunset

Anyone having trouble getting a good polish on "sonora sunset", the so-called rage of Quartzsite and Tucson. We bought a couple of different pieces of it during the shows and I have been working up cabs. First, I found it to be very fractured. I heated it in the oven to about 300 degrees and treated it with Hot Stuff to seal the fractures. I did this twice, once when it was slabbed and then after it was sanded with 220 grit. Worked great. Do it with good ventilation. Then, I sanded it with a 1200 grit diamond belt/water.

I use tin oxide on hard leather for polishing all material I work with. When I first tried to polish this stone, the tin oxide just gummed up. Sonora sunset is very porous and soft so this didn't work. Then, I decided to try and polish it on the dry leather. This worked and I got a great polish on all parts of the cab. Since you are polishing dry, use a dust mask for safety. Try this if you have Sonora sunset and let me know how it works for you.

From Larry Ochsner - March 24, 2008 at 08:09:20

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