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Posted in response to Re: Spinning Wheel 40 Gemstone Design Article from Ward on March 09, 2008 at 11:40:59:

Re: Re: Spinning Wheel 40 Gemstone Design Article

Hi Ward,

Well, I've heard faceting described as a process of solving problems, and sometimes that characterization seems not so far off the mark. I think faceting is a great hobby and normally try to pick my projects in such a manner as to maximize the fun and minimize the problems. But whenever you push the envelope on your experience or skill it seems like that's when the unexpected and new problems have a way of rearing their heads.

I enjoy cutting large stones, or perhaps to be a little more to the point, I enjoy looking and showing off large stones that I have cut. :) So I intend to develop some more designs for recutting the molded glass srbs and will be playing with them some more.

Most of the current faceting machines are using 1/4" dop shanks, so if your Taylor requires 5/16" dops that's going to be an issue.

The faceting machine manufacturers use different keying methods, so not all dops are created equal and there are some issues transporting dops from one make to the other due to the keys.

Other than pointing you to the USFG Faceters List to query other faceters there, I'm at a loss regarding a source for 5/16" dops to use with your Taylor:

If there is no regular commercial source for 5/16" dops you might find someone on the USFG list who would be willing to make you some, or who may possibly just happen to have some extra Taylor dops lying about they would be willing to part with.

I'm not familiar with the Taylor, but another approach you might want to explore is modifying yours so it can use 1/4" shank dops. If you could and were willing to do that, you would have a great variety of off-the-shelf dops to choose from.

Sorry I couldn't be of more direct help with the 5/16" dops.

Keep on rock'n!

From Bob Keller - March 09, 2008 at 12:44:35

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Bob Keller