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Missouri and Illinois Rock Hunting?

Hey Everyone...

I am a wire wrap jewelry artist in Collinsville, IL and I have always had an interest in rocks and fossils. I am looking for someone to introduce me to finding minerals and how to do lapidary work on them. Finding rocks in my main focus at this time. I could always buy cabs but rather find the stones myself and make the cabs. My problem is not knowing where to start. I was going to buy a Inland All in Wonder to get started but read the warning posts on the board and decided to hold off.

I did meet with Bill Thies of St. Louis, who has a jaw dropping rock and mineral collection. He's known for finding Union Road Agates and his extensive years in the rock hound world. When it gets warmer out... I will become more active in my pursuit of rock hounding. I am willing to travel anywhere in the US to rockhound. My wife and I or just myself... plan on taking a few vacations.

I saw a show on the travel channel called Cash and Treasures and was instantly interested in the show. The host travels worldwide to mine/find certain stones... based on the show topic. Mining for gold has interested me. I do have a metal detector. I'm kicking myself for not panning for gold when I was stationed in Anchorage, AK. I was too worried about fishing at the time. Anyway... I want to find the "profitable" yet beautiful stones. I want to go rock hunting!!!

Matthew Nix

From Matthew Nix - February 01, 2008 at 14:06:25
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Bob Keller