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Posted in response to Stabilizing veined quartz slab? from TC Reg on June 03, 2007 at 02:50:58:

Re: Stabilizing veined quartz slab?

Hello TC, Have you considered epoxying a thin slab of a stable hard material such as agate or nephrite (not gem grade of course) to the back of your quartz slab? This should hold everything in place well enough to cab it. You could probably laminate the two slabs together and stabilize the quartz/chrysocolla veins all at the same time using Opticon 220. Make sure both surfaces are lapped flat and clean. As a previous poster mentioned it is very important to make sure all oil and dirt is cleaned from the slabs before doing any treatment. I use lacquer thinner to clean off the oil (use neoprene gloves, eye protection and in a WELL VENTILATED area). Coat the front surface of the stabilizing slab and the back surface of the quartz slab with the Opticon 220/catalyst mixture. Clamp the two together using small C-clamps with small blocks of Masonite for padding between the clamp jaws and stone. The Masonite blocks will help distribute pressure from the C-clamps more evenly and will prevent you from gluing your clamps to you slabs. Don't cover the areas of chrysocolla veining with the Masonite blocks. Only tighten C-clamps until snug - DON'T USE PRESSURE TO TIGHTEN or you will risk breaking the slabs. Now puddle some of the Opticon/catalyst mixture over the veined areas on the top surface of the quartz slab and place under a heat lamp or use a desk lamp just a few inches away for the surface. The heat from the lamp will help thin the Opticon and it will saturate the veins of Chrysocolla better. As soon as the Opticon begins to solidify you can turn off the lamp. Leave clamped until completely cured. Then remove C-clamps and if Masonite blocks are glued to the slab don't worry, they will sand off easily. Now you are ready to trim out your stones on the trim saw and proceed as you normally would for cabbing! Which ever method you chose I hope you will post us a picture of the finished stones so we call all enjoy them!
Best Regards,
Larry Cashatt

From Larry Cashatt - January 27, 2008 at 11:51:23

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