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Dressing Diamond Sanding Disks?

I just ordered some Eastwind diamond sanding belts (1200 and 3000 grit). This will be my first experience with diamond sanding belts versus silicon carbide. They came with these instructions:

"All diamond products need a slight break-in period. This is especially true with 6 micron and finer micron products. This occurs due to the diamond being micro-sized. The diamond is spearated by a water process to size the particles. When the particles dry, they sometimes form a vacuum between each other. The result is deep scratches until the vacuum is broken down by use. The way to fix this is to dress the discs by running a piece of aluminum oxide dressing stick over the surface lightly. This effectiely breaks down the vacuum and should elimate the scratches. Be sure to follow this procedure using lots of water to flush the disc or belt. This should take care of the scratching problem."

I don't have an aluminum oxide dressing stick. Is there some other material I can use to the same effect? Obsidian, old silicon carbide grinding wheel, etc. as with diamond blades?

Also, the 1200 grit belt has clumps/bumps of material on it which will surely scratch my opals. Does these clumps/bumps come off/smooth out with dressing? I hope so.

I would appreciate any information/advice from people who have used these or similiar diamond belts.



From Thomas Morrow - December 14, 2007 at 18:37:28

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Bob Keller