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Posted in response to GRAVES LAPIDARY INC from tim kruger on November 11, 2007 at 07:16:43:


For the very few of you that would be as gullible as I was when I bought a cChinese made double barrel tumblerfrom Harbor Freight/Chicago tool, there is hope for that broken down piece of garbage you have sitting in your closet now (if not in the garbage can). These are apparently copies of the Lortone 33B. The barrels, frame, switching, etc. are quite satisfactiry but the motor and original belt and real losers. The belt on mine broke after two days. I purchased replacements from an eBay vendor who seems to be making a good living supplying replacement belts for these machines. THe replacement belt held up well for the remaining life of the machine. However, near the end if the polishing pahse, the motor started to vibrate tterribly and stalled a coupple of times before I could finish the load. I had to limit use to tinmes when I could watch it closely as I feared it was a fire hazard. The yoke on this motor is flexible plastic and doesn't hold the rotor securely. The bearings are metal, but that doesn't help. When the Lortone arrived, I compared mounting holes for the motor and found the Lortone motor looked compatable. So, for $16 and change plus shipping, I ordered a motor from Graves Lapidary. hopefully, it will restore my Chicago Tool mashine to proper runnign order. The Lortone machine has been impressively quiet and smooth-running. I will post when the motor arrives (if it ever does- its on back orde) and let you know if the repair works.

From Mark H. - November 14, 2007 at 22:52:19

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