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Posted in response to Re: Digging Texas Topaz from Rick L. on August 29, 2007 at 11:12:25:

Re: Re: Digging Texas Topaz

Too many rock hounds and too little knowledge on how to find Texas Topaz. It is still plentiful on the fee ranches BUT a searcher just cannot go out and dig willy-nilly and hope to find it. Going out early in the morning and look for sunlight reflections will turn up nothing other than quartz or a reflective piece of flint rock. I personally was trained to find Texas Topaz by the owner of one of the bigget pieces of the gemstone, 4500 carets,that had ever been found in Texas. The stone was later cut into many pieces and sold after his death. A lot is waiting to be found and the person with the knowledge of how to find the locations is the one that is going to walk away with many carets of the gem stone AND the secret of how they did it. Me? I do not have the time nor finances to take off work to chase a pretty rock and will leave it where it is until someone with a little logic stumbles upon the secret and walks away with a handfull after a day of work. If the search has been made in the right area, all of his find will be the Texas Blue, one of the most beautiful of the Texas gem stones. My hat is off to those who are so lucky and if you share the finding secret then you will be caught up in the stampede and nothing will be left except the memory of the Texas Blue Topaz.

Phil W.

P.S. Texas also has sapphire. Good luck on how to find it. Just use the same logic.

From Phil W - October 02, 2007 at 23:54:31

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