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Re: Trouble Posting & Rock Net Membership

Greetings Rockhounds,

The problem some of you have experienced with being redirected to the Google search engine when trying to post to Rock Net isn't caused by the board being down or the processing software malfunctioning. It is due to an automated anti-spam/anti-idiot dameon I have implemented on Rock Net finding historically problematic words or strings embedded in your posts.

Rock Net is a high profile target for spammers due to the search engine ratings of Bob's Rock Shop as a vertical portal on the WWW. If I dumb down the daemon and relax its "dirty word" vocabulary, this board will be totally overwhelmed with spam in short order.

To address the issue of "overzealousness" on the part of the anti-spam daemon I have recently implemented user membership for Rock Net. If you supply your member password when you post to Rock Net, your message is then identified as coming from a known, legitimate user and the anti-spam/anti-idiot daemon passes it directly to the board instead of processing it through its "dirty word" filter and possibly rejecting it.

Membership in Rock Net is not for everybody. You can obtain a member password by emailing me and identifying yourself. I will then email you back with a member password. If you have not been a regular user with some track record here, you may not get a member password until you have better established yourself. My email address is:
nospam3[ ]

Because my email address is subject to change to keep abreast of spam, my current email address is published on my home page in graphical format:

Keep on Rock'n!

From Bob Keller - August 20, 2007 at 09:45:36

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