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Anyone have an extra trim saw?

I have recently been given a Graves Mark IV and loads of accesories by an old friend. I still need a trim saw, and will eventually be doing slabbing as well. I am an old dabbler in gemology but a complete novice as a lapidarist and I am yunsure what will besyt serve my needs. I have been told by another old family friend with 40 years of lapidaey and silversmithing experience that the best option may be a 10" or larger capacity saw and a 6" or smaller trim saw blade and a larger slabbing bklade as I don't want to loose excessive material to a thick saw blade kerf when doing trimming operations. I am also confused about water versus oil-cooled versus water plus additive cooling systems for lapidary saws. WHich is better for a given pupose? I have a motor and a 12-mil 6" blade and would be interested in a used 10" dual-purpose or dedicated trim saw. I can't believe the prices for lapidary saws i've seen online, and the ebay vendors often don't have a clue what they're selling. I think I would be safe buying from a group of enthusiasts who would know what I need, have an idea as to the condition of what they are offering, and the appropriate selling price of used equpment. Also, please see my last posting- anyone know where I could go hunting for ANYTHING within 100 miles of the Destin/Niceville FLorida area?

From Mark Harber - August 04, 2007 at 23:11:40

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Bob Keller