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I hope I don't sound totally stupid asking these questions but, I don't know where else to get the information. I recently moved to Silverado Canyon, CA. to a place called Black Star Canyon. I was Googling about Black Star Canyon to get some History and I found out that there was a band of Gabrielino Indians that were gruesomely massacred by the Spanish back in the 18th Century and the Indian Village Site is a State of California Historical Landmark (#217). Anyhew....... My dog and I have been exploring the riverbeds alot lately and I was wondering if there would be any arrowheads. There sure are alot of rocks. I also read that the Water Co. owned the land here for a while until some major flooding in the 80's destroyed everything. Would the flooding wipe out any chances of finding anything like that? I don't even know exactly what an arrowhead is made of. Rock... right? All I know is that there are a whole sh*tload (s'cuze my french) of rocks in all kinds of shapes and colors. Am I wasting my time looking for arrowheads? Did this Tribe even make them? I can't wait for a response from the ROCKHOUNDS. I've heard nothing but good things 'bout yawl from my friend Tony who lived in Texas when he was a boy. Please let me know any info on this and send them to my E-Mail.

Thanks in advance...

Kimberly Schreyer
and her dog ZAR
Silverado, CA

From KIMBERLY SCHREYER - July 31, 2007 at 15:48:20

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