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Posted in response to Re: MAGMA type club in New England from Linda Wooten on July 28, 2007 at 21:18:20:

Re: Re: MAGMA type club in New England

You wrote: "Ya know a few voices slandering a club that is almost 1000 members is really, really stupid because 1000 people seem to think it is pretty great."

First of all, the "few voices" represent MANY, MANY others who know all about the bullcrap from Jacquot and his crew.

About the 1,000 members: Jacquot and his cronies go to rockshows and other places with the sole purpose of recruiting new "members". At the Graves Mountain, GA open houses all he does for three whole days is sit on his massive arse recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Here is the membership pitch because I've heard it:

"Hey you - how would you like to become a member of the greatest rockhounding club on the planet called MAGMA? It is completely free to join and you will receive email messages informing you about upcoming field trips that we hold just about every weekend. It won't cost you a dime and all I need is your name and email address and you are instantly a member!"

Now what person who didn't know any better about the group would say no to that? It ain't no wonder how he got 1,000 names so far. But, Jacquot wouldn't be able to recognize 95% of the members if his life depended on it. This ain't no club, its mostly just a list of rockhounds and wannabees.

It is obvious that Jacquot uses a numbers game at commercial collecting sites to gain special access, because more bodies means more money and money talks to certain mine owners, like the Rodney Moore type. From what I hear around, Jacquot and Moore hate each other but both crave money and attention so it is sorta a love-hate relationship. The only thing they really like about other people is how many of them they can get to show up and pay. But, what the heck will happen when too many of them show up at a site that can't handle a large number of people? Now wait a minute, this took place at the Cunningham Farm in Due West, SC. The pictures of that fiasco with people almost standing on top of each other are comical. What would not be so funny is having a National Forest site overun with rockhounds so that the Forest Service was forced to restrict access.

If you think that being a MAGMA member has its advantages, you may want to think again. I see that their latest push is to find new sites to exploit, but they are having a tough time with that effort. This is no wonder, since few experienced rockhounds will share collecting site information with anyone claiming to be a MAGMA member for fear that if they do, their site will get overrun. What fun it would be to pull up at a pristine site that you discovered yourself to find couple hundred people crawling all over it - NOT!

I dig with a few old friends from time to time, but ain't no big group guy. So, I'm not beholding to anybody or any group. If its really about the rocks and minerals, what the heck would anybody want to be surrounded by 1,000 other people - ain't exactly like getting back to nature. The rocks are out there and if you showed some initiative and made a few real friends who've been there and done that you wouldn't need Jacquot and his group to find them.

Greg P.

From Greg P. - July 30, 2007 at 11:51:28

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Bob Keller