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Posted in response to Re: MAGMA type club in New England from Joe McGuire on July 23, 2007 at 15:02:15:

Re: Re: MAGMA type club in New England

Hey Joe,

You know what I find amazing about this whole spoof. Rick Almighty, which is a joke in itself, might be able to say he has the biggest "club" in US but riddle me this batman, how many of those 600 people or however many are in the "club" does he really know? How many really know him? If most members really truly knew Rick, they wouldn't be part of the conniving thieving ring that surrounds the MAGMA leader of the pack. What a saint he is for saving the Crabtree, the Ray and whatever other illusional saves he has incorporated himself into. All this was just a way to make himself look better, to show how "active" he is in the community - Rick Almighty to the rescue! If he really cared about rockhounding or other people, he would have not done, said and written all the terrible things he has in the past. He continues to do his dirty deeds in private or when he gets drunk at night and clicks hits post button to send off another off color message. He tries to erase the record whenever he sobers up, but it is too late as there are many who have witnessed his behavior and will not forget.

With that being said, MAGMA is not what you want for your template, you don't want a self-centered egotistical pig running the show. You should have people with the same morals, same dreams and same outlook on life. Go ahead and stick up for him - you are just typing what you "think" is correct - followers need a leader. The word "CANCER" sure does ring true with this "cult".

Dave B

From Dave B - July 27, 2007 at 23:22:26

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