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Posted in response to MAGMA type club in New England from armstrong on July 23, 2007 at 12:26:55:

Re: MAGMA type club in New England

Bill,I can't speak for Rick, but having followed the MAGMA activities for a few years, I believe it's not an overnight job. There have been hundreds of man hours spent cleaning up the mess of previous (I'm going to try and be polite) uncaring, littering, and often destrutive persons or groups, at once productive collecting sites. The group works with the forest service mine owners etc. and have deveploed a great reputation.
So if you want to get New England going, It will take time and alot of work. I've collected in Maine for many years and consider Deer Hill and what it took to get it reopened, check with Allen P., Don'tforget many Maine mines are producing gem material and the owners can't afford to have reckless collectors at their mines.
Poland mining camps, with all the superviseing, still have folks that don't understand simple instructions. Also you have Perhams who still allow collecting at there mines in spite of the abuse to the sites.
I'm all for what you hopefully are tring. but don't expext it to just happen. MAGMA is a great model and I'm sure Rick would be happy to advise and consult but you'll still need alot of hard woring folk to pull it off.
KOR John L.

From John Lorenzo - July 24, 2007 at 09:56:17

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Bob Keller