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Roaring Camp Gold Mine in Pine Grove California


Me and my Son-in-law went on a trip this summer to the Roaring Camp Gold Mine in Pine Grove California. Were from the Philadelphia Area, and have a 3,000 mile trip driving to look forward too. So, after we Arrived at the time we were told to be there at 9am. Turns out they didn't want us there till 10am. So we had got there at 8:30am. We planned on checking in, dropping off all our camping gear, then go out and go food shopping for the week. So we sat there talking to the different people checking in for that weeks worth of camping. So, we all drove down the mountain, stopping 3 times to see different sites along the way, and to allow your Car/Truck breaks to cool down, since your dropping over 2,000 in 1 mile of Steep Hills & Tight turns. So, once we got unloaded at the bottom, and everything into our cabin, we told one of the people that worked there that we needed to go out to get food for the Week. We were told we are NOT allowed to Leave untill the following sunday. I said we were not told that 2 gates are locked behind us as we come in, and that we are not allowed to leave. I didn't sign up for anything like this at all. They told us to go to the "Trading Post" to get our supplies. Because we had only a few items, like Drinks. We had brought no Real Food. Had to Spend a extra $300 on Food from this "Trading Post" for the few days that we were there. What is a Person supposed to do, you have to Eat, right?! I feel like i got F@&$ED with my cloths on. Its that bad here. Now, i understand that everyone needs to make money, thats how it is to be in business. But, to charge someone $10 for a 6pack of can beer, $2.50 for 5lbs of Ice or $8 for a Hamburger. I can go on forever on how High the price's are in the Trading Post. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HERE!!!

We bought one of the "Gold Bearing Piles of Material" straight from the gold mine @ $250 to run through the Sluice box for the week. There was 12 other familys that bought into this also. Day 1 no one found Anything except flour gold. Day 2, 1 fella found a 1pw Nugget, and 1 gal found a 1.25pw nugget. Day 3, we found 1 small picker. Everyone was Complaining that No Gold was being found, and that the Piles of Material were seeded. I personally spoke to several people, and they told me they were writing letters to the California BBB & the Travel Channel to complain about this site. Day 4 we found 3 small pickers & "1" 3.15pw nugget. Nothing Bigger was found by anyone. All we found were the 3 pickers & 1 nugget, but No size's in between. It goes from Flour gold to big nuggets. Where's the size's in between?? I would NOT Recommend this for anyone else either.

Lastly, in order for us to get out of Dodge early, we had to go to the Owners, and tell them a Lie. That there was a emergency at Home in Penna, and we HAVE to leave ASAP. The Girl working behind the counter said she has to call her Grandfather and ask him 1st, to see if were Allowed to leave. He asked if we are going to setup Rev's for next Year. I made up a Excuse, and didn't make any Rev's. We asked to Leave on a Thursday Night. We were Told we CAN NOT Leave till at leave 9am the Next Day. I wasn't Happy, but all i wanted to do was get out of this Place.

This Place Locks you behind 2 locked Gates, And Takes your Money. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone!!

Take Care

From LEON GOLDEN - July 19, 2007 at 22:35:40

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Bob Keller