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Graves preformer motor drive power requirements

I have just purchased a Graves cabachon preformer. It runs on 125V and as I live in Australia I need to purchase a transformer. Does any one know the power rating of the motor drive for the preformer?
I have e-mailed the Graves Company (via their website) 4 times over the last 8 days seeking the information but have not been able to get a reply.
The motor drive is quite small but my understanding of electronics is very limited.
On the power cord their is a 'power supply' tag which indicates 10 amps at 125V (which produces a 1.25kw load). Is this the rating of the power lead itself, or the motor drive? I find it hard to believe it is the motor rating giving the other motors I have at home, but it may be. I would like to get an accurate rating if possible due to the cost of transformers (a 1500w transformer costs $400 locally whereas a 550w transformer costs $150).
Any help would be appreciated.

From ALAN ALTMANN - June 21, 2007 at 19:32:11

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