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With DSLR cameras it is the lens that amkes the difference. Point and shoot cameras have to have the macro function built into the lens system. Nikon has a series of lenses called Micro Nikkor that are for macro work I have the 105 mm lens which will focus to 1:1 at 12 inches. This is the same as the old 105 mm I had for the F3. Nikon also makes three teleconvertors for digital cameras the allow up to 2X imaging. I am not sure what the distance to the subject would be with the 2X convertor. I have no complaints with the quality of the images I have taken with the D50 and 105 mm Micro Nikkor. The advantage of having the D200 would be in have more pixels to work with thus allowing larger prints or better crops before the image begins to pixelate. As far as I know the Nikon t-mount is not compatible with Minolta lenses. I have signed up with a photo site that features photos taken through the microscope and macro photos. It is not a Yahoo Group so spam is not a problem. There are discussions of the technical aspects as well as great photo galleries. It can be found at


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