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Sorry about the confusion. I was thinking of the days when I first started with film. I could shoot many rolls of film and develope it to a negative or positive and put it to 8 x 10 paper which I purchased in bulk......I had my own darkroom and purchased very large reels of film, then I loaded my own rolls, film and paper was a real bargan doing it that way. And the darkroom was left to me by an old friend.

I forget that these days almost everyone has a computer, DVD drive, Printer, etc. So in a way they would have a darkroom....just the expense of purchasing Photo software and camera, some photo paper etc and your set.

And I understand that Wal-mart or Bi-mart will take your digital card and put your pictures on DVD or CD and paper as well. So the need to "burn" to any format would not be an issue. I have not used these sevices, but understand that the price and quality is good.

Gee Alan I'm feeling my age all the sudden, guess I better go take a nap. lol

Again sorry that I did not read and pay attention more.

Friday was a real pain. The boss "dug a hole" he let me know that the college was going to the "Thin Client" technology instead of purchasing any more computers.


From Michael T Miles (Mike) - June 11, 2007 at 14:42:59

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