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Again I agree, film is far less costly to get started with. If someone has never owned a good quality 35mm SLR film camera, or has never done any photography except to use one of the "point and shoot" camera's.....that so many purchase to photograph the family get-together, then I feel they should purchase a high end film camera. Once they have mastered there own "art of photography", then they might hit the digital rout....just an opinion.
Once someone learns the amount of control one has over the picture compared to one of the "point and shoot" camera's. I'm sure they will become addicted. If not then they are not stuck with a very costly camera that is only used for the family get-together.
Like you mentioned it would depend on what they are taking pictures of.
It is also worth mentioning that with a good quality film can have them converted to digital for a reasonable price. I have not done this and I'm not sure about the quality.

I've been told that you can take your digital camera smartcard in and have the pictures put on paper as well....again I do not know of the quality.

Anyone used these services??

Also what did you mean by a medium format camera? 2.25" x 2.25" negative size?

I all ready own the computers, software, and printer that would be required to do a so called "digital dark-room". Now I need to find the right digital camera. As I talk to different people that use digital, I get almost as many brands of camera's that they are using. My only excperience is with Nikon or Cannon mostly Nikon.

What is or would be your choice in digital? What about purchasing used equipment?

Doug Merseon's mesages mention he owns a Nikon. Can I make a guess that "birds of a feather flock together" and your choice would be Nikon also.

You and Doug both mentioned the different clubs and I will be attending these:-)
I will get as much information on choice of brands that I can from these meetings.

To start with I will be wanting to take pictures of my collection to show other beginners what is "out there for collecting". Most of my collection are from 5mm in size to 20mm in size.....I'm talking mostly about the length of these rocks/minerals.

thanks for letting me rant.


From Michael T Miles (Mike) - June 09, 2007 at 11:06:52

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