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Hi Again To All,

I just realized that I need to back up a bit and cover a couple of basic concerns I missed above.

Let's call this post:


A basic question we each need to ask ourselves is: "Why do we want to photograph our minerals?" Are you a "specimen collector" who wants to record and/or show off individual pieces? Or a lapidary artisan who wants to showcase your creative side - show off your finished goods? Or even perhaps for some other reason, such as the desire to take award-winning pictures? Your answer to this question will to some degree influence the choices you make in developing your skills and equipment kit. And this ties in with another basic question that is on everyones lips these days: "Film or digital."

I know that these days many people answer that last question "Digital" without hesitation. But being an old film buff myself I think people need to know that there are sectors of the overall field where digital is still not considered adequate. For example, I believe that if you want to shoot cover photos for "The Mineralogical Record" or other high-class magazines, you are going to have to have a medium-format film camera. Just a body for such cameras costs thousands of dollars - plus thousands of dollars each for the lenses such cameras require. High-class competitions is another field where medium- (and even large-format) cameras come into play.

That said, I also want to make the point that digital has still a ways to go to match even 35 mm SLR film quality cost-effectively. You can finally get the same quality in either format, but it is still likely to cost you more to do it digitally.

I don't mean to bash digital here - not at all. I just think that people should carefully research their choices and know all of the benefits and drawbacks of the options before they put their money on the counter.

By-and large, I think digital IS the best way to go. It is just not the ONLY way, there are valid reasons for taking other directions.

'Til next time.



From Alan - June 09, 2007 at 09:04:06

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Bob Keller