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Posted in response to heat treaments for color changing from nancy antley on June 08, 2007 at 10:06:08:

Re: heat treaments for color changing

nancy antley,
If you try the heat treatment method it will change the color. I'm not sure that all natural colors of tigers eye will change to red so experment a little!
So you know....start with a sample piece.

To prevent thermal shock....put the sample in a container of sand and heat the oven up to 350 degrees F. then after your sure that the sand and sample piece have reached that tempature, increase the tempature slowly. I went in 50 degree increments waiting each time between raising tempature to make sure it raised the tempature of the sample and sand. Just because the ovens thermistat lights turns off does not mean that the sample and sand have reached the desired temp. I was doing some plume agate and I (through trial and error) had to do this until I reached the maximun setting the oven would go 550 degrees. I held that temp for one hours I then turned off the oven and forgot about it until the next morning.
When I removed the container and dug though the sand, plumes in the agate reached a dark bright red. I was pleased of the success!!!

Now let me tell you of the first time I tried this....being a very un-patient person. I fill a very large crock pot full of different rocks.....took all the
oven-racks out of the oven except one and I put it on the lowest rack slot....this way the large crock pot would fit in the oven. I then turned the oven on to the max, 550 degrees....ya ya I was in a big hurry. I went in to watch SG-1 on the Sci-fi channel and after about an hour, I heard this LOUD explosion and ran into the ketchen to find that some of the rocks exploded and took out my crock pot, tempared glass window in the oven well as ruining some nice rocks.

So you see it is fine to learn by experience as long as it is someones elses experiencs. Well at least in this case.


From Michael T Miles (Mike) - June 08, 2007 at 21:36:43

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