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Thanks again for the tips/information. I would not purchase the scope for at least 3 years down the line. Working for the local community college I have access to venders that can give me deals on used (or new equipment that has been discontinued but never sold) equipment they take in when universitys/colleges purchase new ones. I would look there first....or other places as you mentioned.....take advantage of the competive nature of our world.

My first goal will be to purchase the camera to take close-up shots of relatively small objects and objects like most of my collection is comprised of. It wasn't until I started looking at the stuff on that I started getting ideas on the micro/macro stuff. Then with yours and Dougs great advice I am motivated......still it takes me awhile to part with my $$$$$.

The Nikon brand of camera's is the one I've used in the good old days of film. So I will stay with what I've had good luck with. Except I believe I'm going to Digital this time around.

The Union contract that I work under says that I can take any course offered for free, I only have to pay for books/supplies. We offer a digital photography course that I will take advantage of.

agian I can't thank you enough.


From Michael T Miles (Mike) - June 08, 2007 at 20:35:16

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