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Stabilizing veined quartz slab?

I have a slab of veined material I'm trying to cab, and wondering if someone has some advice on how to hold it together. The slab is quartz, and randomly running through it are many very narrow veins of chrysocolla. It's almost like someone took a thin blue pen and drew random lines all over the slab. The veins isolate small areas of quartz, anywhere from 1/8" to 1" pieces. I would like to include some of the veins in a cab, but no matter how careful I am, the piece always splits along the vein leaving mostly just a piece of quartz. I suppose I could soak cyanoacrylate or epoxy into the veins before cutting, but I don't know what adhesive would be best, or the best way to soak something in, or even if that would hold up to grinding. Even if it does work, would the inevitable yellowing of the adhesive be obviously visible someday? Has anyone done this before, and what were your results?

Thanks for your advice!


From TC Reg - June 03, 2007 at 02:50:58

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