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Karen & Jewelry

Hi Karen,
Yes I survived the ice storm, tornadoes, flooding, gas hike, ...and found it interesting that someone thought the Gem and Mineral Magazine was introducing too much bead and jewelry articles.
I noted that Bob said you like the natural stone beading and jewelry making.
That is an area I work in also.

think- that there are just more people getting introduced into Rocks and so many aspects of the field. There are alot of people who like to make jewelry from gems and other rocks, and alot who like and purchase the jewelry.

There are so many jewelry shops around...from K-Mart, Macy's, Tivols, wonder there is a focus on it in the Gem and Mineral Magazine. It is a huge area for the realm of gems and rocks and the art of adornment for people and animals.

Am doing a necklace with carnelian beads. Pearls would be nice to work into the design.
Still planning.
The design is based around a carnelian scarab with pearl ear rings.
I have been looking for carnealian stones in a necklace, but have not found any real ones around here. Will try internet,and get ideas. Please let me know if anyone knows of some good carnelian jewelry sites.Fire Mountain Gems has some nice pearls beads that I think are real.
Still shopping around for the pearl pieces.

Pearl clusters- like flower designs are very popular right now in fashion design. Lapel pins are a big seller, as well as hair adornments.
Saw some flower designs made from different colored pearls-greenish, pinkish, white , yellow, etc.
The pearls were not round but oblong and other unusual shapes. Very beautiful. Shells and rocks, minerals also make good jewelry materials.
What do ya think?



From Laura - May 22, 2007 at 18:41:50

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