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Posted in response to louisiana opal value from Craig on July 09, 19100 at 05:23:44:

Re: louisiana opal value

Like any other opal rough, the value can vary considerably based on the quality.
I've seen Louisiana opal rough for as little as $0.50 per gram and high grade slabs
for as much as $6.00 per gram. Red fire commands the highest price, especially if it
shows brightly from a dark gray base. Blues, greens and lavenders are of lesser value.
Ideally, the rough will display a combination of red and green or blue fire. The base
color of the quartzite matrix will affect the value as well. Dark gray is the best
followed by light gray, cinnamon brown and white. There is a grade of white that
displays a fine grained texture and multicolored pinfire. This type is as costly as
the top gray and is referred to as "Christmas Opal". For more information, Ben Stevens
recently published a book about Louisiana opal, advertied in ROCK&GEM magazine.

From Tony Dabdoub - July 09, 19100 at 17:45:33
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