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1 dollar program

A dollar won’t get you very far these days. Maybe a lottery ticket
with a gazillion to one shot at the winning number!!

But what if one dollar could make you a fortune…

After researching many opportunities, one thing seems to be missing.
SUCCESS of most of it’s participants! You either pay monthly or a
one time fee of $10, $20, $30 with the promise that someone else is
going to make you a fortune in spillover traffic!

What would be the best scenario for everyone to benefit from.

1.)No risk. Seriously, one dollar won’t break anyone’s bank account.

2.)Easy to duplicate. How hard is it to advertise this program without
(We provide you with easy, safe ways to promote this program).

3.)We all have to do our part. Get 10 to join and you can succeed!!

4.)A great product. When you join, you’ll get info on how to promote this
program and a ebook on the secrets of Baccarat ( $19.95 value ).

5.)An HONEST PROGRAM. The fact is, we won’t make money if we don’t keep the
program going. It doesn’t make sense to take your one dollar and try to do
mass mailings to scam people. We want to find just 10 people and let THEIR
EFFORTS continue the process to a six figure income for everyone.

6.)This is a legal opportunity. You are getting an ebook for your one dollar

The truth is, only YOU and an easy, duplicatable program can make you money.
This is a program YOU can do with only one dollar to invest. Here’s how this
one time investment can make a small fortune for YOU!

You pay one dollar to the program monitor. This is necessary to keep
everyone honest.
(I’m sorry to say it but few people follow a program correctly without close

You will notice six numbers below. These represent six participants in the
program. Each one
will receive 15˘ from your dollar. Only 10˘ will go to the monitor of this
program. This is all
you pay for us to distribute funds to everyone, tracking, and keep the
entire program running

1. 1713 x 10 people = $1.50
2. 1318 x 100 = $15
3. 4102 x 1000 = $150
4. 1622 x 10,000 = $1,500
5. 1204 x 100,000 = $15,000
6. 3764 x 1,000,000 = $150,000

Here’s what you need to do after you have paid your one time fee. Promote
this program until you
have 10 people join. We will provide you with info regarding many ways to do
this. However, after
you have 10, watch what happens to your one dollar investment.

Your number will replace the (#1.) position above and you will receive $1.50
from those 10 people
who joined from your promoting. All of the remaining numbers above will drop
down and the bottom
one removed. Don’t worry about the bottom number, that person is extremely
happy! The next step
is when those 10 find 10=100, you will receive $15 dollars at position (#2.)
When those 100 find
10=1000, you make $150 dollars at position (#3.) When those 1000 find
10=10,000, you make $1,500
dollars at position (#4.) When those 10,000 find 10= 100,000, you make
$15,000 dollars at
position (#5.) Now, you are in a really good position because when those
100,000 find 10= 1,000,000,
you make $150,000 dollars at position (#6.)!!!!

What would you do with an extra $150,000???

Pay off those credit cards. Buy a new car. A new house! You have nothing to
lose!!! One dollar
can’t break you, but it can turn into a $150,000.00 fortune!!

Please follow these instructions carefully.

1.)Make your one dollar payment ( plus 79˘ Stormpay transaction fee total=
through to:

2.)Make sure you copy and paste the 6 numbers in the order above into the
note box of the Stormpay
( send money ) page.

3.)Once you pay your dollar ( plus Stormpay transaction fee ), you will
receive an email that has
your number at the top #1. position. You will use this email to promote the
program. Each time your
email brings in a new person, we will hold for you 15 cents and let you know
when you have reached
your 10 people ( Remember, Stormpay charges 2.9% plus 79˘ per transaction ).
You will receive
payments after you have reached 10 people. Don’t stop until we have sent you
an email confirming
YOUR 10th person. You may receive payment from other people’s efforts but
keep promoting until we
confirm your 10.

You can also create a website like this one:
You can request the info needed to copy this FREE site with your

Your dollar will go to purchasing an email on “ How to Promote Like the
Pros.” This will give
you all the knowledge you need to promote this program.
You will also receive an ebook on “The Secrets of Baccarat” ($19.95 value).

If you don’t have a Stormpay account, get one here for free:

P.S. "Help enough people get what they want, you can
have everything you want." LET'S GET BUSY!!!!

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