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Posted in response to IS THERE ANY ROCK HOUNDING I CAN DO IN WISCONSIN from jon anderson on August 17, 2004 at 00:05:43:


Hi Jon,

I am a member of the Wisconsin Geological Society & the Racine Geological Society. Collecting in the Milwaukee area is limited, but you could collect on the rocky shore areas of Lake Michigan. Remember that the Lake Michigan Shoreline is public property up to the high water mark, so you can walk the beach almost anywhere. Just south of the Wind Point Light House, north of Racine there is a beach area of domostone rocks, some with fossils in them. I have collected at a quarry northeast of Sun Prairie. To collect here you need the permission of the quarry owners, who are located in Madison. There is an excellent road cut on Highway 69 north of New Glaris. This is Middle Ordovician carbonate rock. On US 61 about two or three miles south of Fennimore, there is perhaps the finest road cut in Wisconsin for fossils. Middle Ordovician fossils like those at New Glarus, but more variety & more abundant on this very long road cut. There are quarries an hours drive north of Milwaukee & to northwest. The Oshkosh Earth Science Club will visit the Vulcan Quarry in Oshkosh in September, I think. This quarry yields calcite, dolomite, marcasite, pyrite, sphalerite & possibly galena crystals. The Oshkosh Club has a web site where you can read about their forth coming field trips. The Wisconsin Geological Society & the Racine Geological Society also have web sites, but I don't think that any future field trips are listed there. On Saturday August 28, I am leading the Wisconsin Geological Society on a geology field trip to the geological interesting Baraboo area. We will begin our trip at the Merrimac Free Ferry Crossing, then to Parfrey's Glen Natural Area, Devil's Lake, Ableman's Canyon at Rock Springs, an active quarry at Rock Springs where we will be allowed to collect, & then wind our way back thru the Baraboo Range to the ferry crossing. This is a lenghty trip requiring about 12 hours total time including the trip from Milwaukee & back. There are several stops where a senior geology student from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee & I will explain the goelogical processes involved. A detailed road log will be provied for the many points of interest in between the stops. Participants are responsible for their own transportation. There is no charge for this geology trip & guests are welcome. The trip leaders & the Wisconsin Geological Society assume no responsibility for any mishaps incurred by any of the participants. If you you are interested in going on this field trip, please send me a private e-mail message & I will get the info to you. My e-mail address is as listed here with an @ inserted instead of the ()s. I will be gone from home for three days, so please be patient for a reply to any private e-mail messages. Lloyd Brown

From Lloyd Brown - August 17, 2004 at 17:42:40
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