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Posted in response to Keokuk Geode locations from Darryl on January 02, 2004 at 14:00:39:

Re: Keokuk Geode locations

Sorry I didn't see your message until after your trip date, looks like. I know that a Des Moines club (CIMS) field trip guy, Mike Blair, knows a creek or river location just one side or other of the Iowa line a little further west of where you were somewhere near Hwy 61. June Culf Zeitner, in the book Midwest Gem, Fossil, and Mineral Trails (Prairie States), mentions several general locations. I hope the Schefflers shop was open for you in Alexandria. That's the only fee location I know of that's still open, but the mine is usually closed in winter. X marks he shop on the map on page 110 of my edition.

There are many locations and I hope you found one. I have been told just over the river in Illinois there are riverside locations. Email me offline if you want to correspond with Mike Blair. Email me if you are in North Missouri again to hunt. Also am interested in NW Missouri and SE Nebraska agate locations for better weather times.

---Darlene Reger

From Darlene Reger - January 04, 2004 at 11:43:20
Email: cdreger[ ]

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