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Scott Rose - May 2001 - Superman Mosaic

May Craftsman of the Month Scott Rose has no difficulty finding lapidary material. He owns the Whitehawk Marble Quarry, a source of high-grade marble and other semiprecious and precious stones and minerals. Rose has been prolific in his efforts, making mosaics of several well-known people.

"From the beginning of time, man's great achievements have been laid in mosaic," Rose says. "This mosaic has been created to honor Christopher Reeve, not only for his magnificent acting and directing in the motion picture industry, but for being a real super man, standing for truth, justice and the American way.

"The construction of this mosaic is fairly simple. Patience is the key. First, I hand-selected precious minerals. This mosaic incorporates several shades of marble, azurite, malachite-chalcopyrite, and calcite affected by gold, iron and uranium. I then crushed and tumbled the minerals to the specific sizes I wanted for the mosaic. I next cut a piece of 1/4-inch plywood into an oval with a jig saw, and sketched a picture of Reeve onto the plywood.

"Using J.D. Weld, to ensure the precious stones would stay intact for a few million years, I hand-inlayed each individual piece--more than 2,000 altogether--until the picture was completed. After allowing the mosaic to dry for 48 hours, I reached for my polish and trusty Dremel tool with buffer attachment, and polished the work to a high-gloss finish.

"The last step was adding the trim. Again using J.D. Weld, I attached 1-inch to 1-1/2-inch pieces of raw malachite to the borders of the plywood. After allowing these to dry, I used the same procedure as mentioned above to polish the malachite. I finished by attaching two eye hooks and a piece of 8-inch wire to the back of the picture, and the pure mineral mosaic was ready for hanging."

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