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Rose Heart by Jeff R. Graham
Rose Heart - designed by Jeff R. Graham ©1999
Angles for R.I. = 1.73 44 facets + 13 facets on girdle = 57
1-fold, mirror-image symmetry 96 index
L/W = 1.031 T/W = 0.541 T/L = 0.525 P/W = 0.412 C/W = 0.172

H/W = (P+C)/W+0.02 = 0.603 P/H = 0.682
C/H = 0.284

Vol./W^3 = 0.207 Brightness at 0 degrees tilt for R.I. = 1.73
Light Return 87.6%

P1 43.41 39-57 Cut to center point.
P2 44.19 37-59 Cut to center point.
P3 43.43 32-64 Cut to center point.
P4 41.40 27-69 Cut to center point.
P5 39.00 19-77 Cut to center point.
P6 39.45 09-87 Cut to counter point, meet girdle
P7 41.39 96 Cut to center point.
P8(G) 90.00 32-39-57-64 Cut to meet P1,P3. Note: cut P9(G) also...
P9(G) 90.00 37-59 Cut to meet P2.
P10(G) 90.00 27-69 Cut to meet P4.
P11(G) 90.00 19-77 Cut to meet P5.
P12(G) 90.00 09-87 Cut to meet P6.
P13(G) 90.00 96 Cut to meet P7.
P14 43.30 38-58 Cut to meet girdle.
P15 41.47 30-66 Cut to meet girdle.
P16 36.53 14-82 Cut to meet girdle.
C1 42.00 39-57 Cut to meet girdle.
C2 42.00 37-59 Cut to meet girdle.
C3 42.00 32-64 Cut to meet girdle.
C4 42.00 27-69 Cut to met girdle.
C5 42.00 19-77 Cut to meet girdle.
C6 42.00 09-87 Cut to meet girdle.
C7 44.28 96 Cut to meet girdle.
C8 36.79 34-62 Cut to meet girdle.
C9 33.92 23-73 Cut to meet girdle.
C10 36.84 07-89 Cut to meet girdle.
C11 31.19 48 Cut to meet girdle.
C12 22.68 31-65 Cut to meet C3,C4.
C13 21.16 12-84 Cut to meet C5,C6.
T 0.00 Table Cut to meet C11,C12,C13.

Rose Malaya Garnet Heart 4.45 carats Rose Heart - Cutting Remarks

Shown at left is a 10.5 x 10mm ~4.45 carat Rose Malaya Garnet cut from flawless material by Jeff Graham. Rose Heart performs well with most Garnet materials.

If you have cut my "SweetHeart", this design will be familiar to you, it cuts pretty much the same way, maybe just a little more complicated. NOTE: It is important to cut P8(G) & P9(G) together as you come around the girdle. I left them in the Pavilion order, because they are different angles, but when you get to the girdle, they are the same(90 degrees). Also, depending on how close to center point you are (this is a non-sym design because of the heart shape), the P7 may have to be cheated into the point a little (it can be left as is, also with no problems), the C7 might need to be adjusted if the P7's change. They are both designed so that they can be adjusted easily (notice the meets). This has a lot of steps, but not many facets and is easy and fast to cut. I like it in a Rose Malaya Garnet. It works well in 1 carat stones and up...

Enjoy cutting your Rose Heart. Drop me an email to let me know your results and what you've cut, or feel free to inquire if you have any questions or need some help regarding this design.

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