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Some Faceting FAQs for You!:
Books on Faceting and Gemstone Designs
Faceting Guilds and Clubs
Gemstone Design and Design Tools
Manufacturers of Faceting Machines
Faceting Machine Alignment
Faceting CZ
Depth of Cut Indicators
Dopping Techniques
Cutting and Polishing Laps
Scratches from the Master Lap
Competition Faceting
History of the International Faceting Challenge
AFMS Uniform Rules for Faceted Stones Competitions
Texas Faceters Guild 20th Anniversary Symposium

The Columbia-Willamette Faceter's Guild publishes FACETS, a monthly newsletter featuring information of interest to faceters. Their newsletter boasts "A New Faceting Design Each Month". A couple of recent issues featured cutting instructions for a number of designs as well as faceting how-to articles, faceting and gemstone related news, and announcements of upcoming shows, symposiums and events. They'll be glad to send you a free sample copy.

Write to: Columbia-Willamette Faceter's Guild, PO Box 2136, Portland, Oregon USA 97208-2136, or you can request a copy by email from their editor, Grover Sparkman, at

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