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OPLC Faceters Companion Content Contributors

A special thanks and acknowledgement to the following designers and authors who have contributed content to the Faceters Companion CD:

Charles Covill -
Jeff Ford -
Jeff Graham -
Paul Head -
Walt Heitland -
Tom Herbst -
Mike and Darcy Howard -
Art Kavan -
Bob Keller -
Glenn Klein -
David de Lisle -
Craig McGregor -
Sumner Olsen
Jim Perkins -
Fred Van Sant -
Robert Strickland -
Carl Unruh -
Clive Washington -
Mike Yeatts - Michael.Yeatts@NAU.EDU

Got gemstone designs you would like to share with your fellow faceters? Have you written a faceting related article for your guild or club newsletter? If you enjoy the Faceters Companion CD and find it useful, you are welcome to join us as a content contributor. Please query prior to submitting material to the CD editor, Bob Keller.

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