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MIDI Juke Box

Here is a simple MIDI test sequence you can use to test your sound card and browser for compatibility with these General MIDI sequences. When you click this link, you should hear middle C played on each of 16 channels with a drum on channel 10 (the tenth note in the sequence). The test sequence repeats three times, first centered, then panned left, then panned right.

Select the MIDI sequence you want to listen to, then use your browser's back button to return to where you came from.

Ana Godda Da Vida
Another One Bites the Dust
Bloody Well Right
Choir of Bells
Crocket's Theme
Dr. Who
Dance of Flutes
Dueling Banjos
Escape from New York
The Final Countdown
Fur Elise
Gangsta's Paradise
Good Vibrations
The Heat is On
I Can See Clearly Now
I Feel the Earth Move
Jesus Christ Superstar
La Negra
March of the Pigs
Mission Impossible
Nightmare Before Christmas
Outer Limits
Pulp Fiction
The Raven
Sugar Plum Fairies
Suite for Harpsichord
The Sting
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams II
Tubular Bells
Valkyries Riding
War of the Worlds

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Bob Keller